easywash Self Service Laundry franchise is now in Greece.

The philosophy of “easywash Self Service Laundry” stores with the professional equipment of MAYTAG COMMERCIAL® and DEXTER LAUNDRY® is to become the Smart Investment of your money even in the periods of the economic crisis.

There are already 35 easywash Self Service laundry stores in Greece and they constantly increase.

Active Commercial Systems L.T.D., can help you start your own independent business. A business without any franchise fees and royalties, but with excellent return on your investment.

  • easywash Self Service Laundry professional laundry equipment stores with coins for everyone to use.

These stores can provide the owner with:

  • Low operating cost.
  • Quick ROI
  • Minimum working time for the operator.

The stores also have some incredibly positive characteristics for the owner.

  • There is no need for employees.
  • There is no need for stock of goods.
  • Open 365 days a year.
  • Everyone is a potential customer.

In the USA and in the whole world in general there are 35.000 coin laundry businesses. Our company having the experience and the necessary technical staff will help you set up the appropriate store.

With our presence in the biggest worldwide exhibitions and by having long term partnerships with the biggest laundry companies we are able provide any type of solutions immediately through many reliable machines (professional washers, dryers, roller ironers, vending machines, coin changer machines and many more).

You can definitely trust ACTIVE COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS L.T.D. for finding the best solution based on your needs.

You can count on the credibility of MAYTAG COMMERCIAL and DEXTER’S American washers and dryers as well as the other machines that are going to equip your store depending on the needs of the different areas and the needs of your customers.