Professional Washers and Dryers

ACTIVE COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS L.T.D. is the only company that has created a certain model of Self Service Laundry stores (coin washers and coin dryers) in Greece and in the Balkans.

Franchise easywash

Our company would suggest you to start a business – franchise easywash Self Service Laundry (professional washers and dryers with coins – coin laundry) an investment that works from early in the morning until late at night, 365 days a year, NO PERSONNEL.

An investment without any fees & royalties. INVESTING on an easywash Self Service Laundry is the SMART SOLUTION.

You can absolutely trust ACTICE COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS for building the appropriate store based on your needs. A business that is based entirely on trustworthy American self service washers and dryers!

Professional washers and dryers

Maytag Commercial’s professional washers and dryers are being designed and manufactured in the USA and have a 3 or 5 year warranty depending on the model.

The company has a big variety of models covering the cleaning needs of all clothing companies, independently from their size. Our company can also provide you with professional roller ironers.

The professional washers and dryers are appropriate for hotels, rented rooms, camping, gyms, hair salons, hospitals, nursing care units, armies, and student residences etc.

The machines not only are able to clean bigger amounts of every type of fabric in less time, but combined with the Energy Advantage technology they have, they are more efficient and able to minimize even more your operating costs. Having all these benefits, in the productivity and the efficiency of your business, your competitive advantage will soon be extremely noticeable.