The beautiful island of Northern Aegean, Lemnos, acquired a jewel store; the new easywash Self Service Laundry store Lemnos. The new easywash Self Service Laundry store is located atKtel Square in Myrina Lemnos and is open daily from 7 in the morning until 12 at night. easywash Self Service Laundry Lemnos is an economic self-service laundry choice.

The coin operated laundry Lemnos is equipped with commercial washers and commercial dryers like all easywash Self Service Laundry stores. More specific the coin laundry Lemnos has on its premises coin receiver commercial washers and coin receiver commercial dryers of Maytag Commercial.

easywash Self Service Laundry Lemnos will be open every day, on Sundays too and Holidays, all year round from7 in the morning until 12 at night. Customers can wash and dry their laundry quick, easy and economically at the laundromat in Lemnos. easywash Self Service Laundry is an economic choice. easywash Self Service Laundry stores have no staff, so customers can find all machine instructions on the commercial washers and on the commercial dryers of Maytag Commercial as well as general information in the walls for their service and convenience. Public laundry Lemnos is like playing a game, is easy and is a cheap self- service laundry choice!

7 reasons that will make you to choose easywash Self Service Laundry Lemnos

  1. No matter what the weather conditions are in less than 50 minutes you can wash and dry multiple loads simultaneously in the commercial washers in Lemnos and in the commercial dryers ateasywash Self Service Laundry Lemnos.
  2. Commercial dryers in Lemnos give excellent results and your clothes do not require ironing. You fold them right after you take them out of the dryer and they are ready to get into your wardrobe!
  3. Clothes, blankets, quilts, bed covers, curtains … can all be washed easy, quick and at a low cost, in the public laundry Lemnos.
  4. The towels after the tumble dryer come out soft, fluffy and fragrant.
  5. You can choose: ONLY to dry your clothes in the commercial dryer if you do not need to use the washer in the laundry for the public.
  6. You can choose to bring your own detergent. For your convenience, there is an automatic detergent vending machine in the easywash self Service Laundry store where you can buy detergent and softener.
  7. easywash Self Service Laundry is an economic self-service laundry choice.