Active Commercial Systems is the official representative of Dexter Laundry in Greece.

Dexter Laundry was founded in 1894 and today it is 100% owned by its employees. Dexter Laundry American Washer’s and American Dryer’s cover the needs of every professional. Dexter Laundry American Washer’s and American Dryers are designed, are manufactured and are assembled in the America. The top warranty that is up to 10 years demonstrates the durability of Dexter Laundries machineries.

Dexter Laundry horse logo symbolizes the unparalleled power, unrivalled strength and dedication to customers. The models cover the cleaning needs of all businesses regardless of their size. Each model provides performance, versatility and durability.

Following faithfully the tradition, Dexter Laundry from the smallest American washers and American dryers to the large high speed wet clean washers, are designed to have reliable performance even after many years of operation.