For all sectors we have the solution to washing clothing !!

In Active Commercial Systems Ltd. there is a wide range of commercial washers and models by the American companies MAYTAG COMMERCIAL and DEXTER LAUNDRY.

Equipment with commercial washers, commercial dryers, stack washers and dryers, cover the washing needs of all types of clothing of businesses, regardless of their size, either in the private or in the public sector, such as hotels, rooms to let, camping, spa, hair salons, hospitals , rest homes, private clinics, armed forces and security forces (camps), campuses, industry, restaurants-catering, laundry services and self-service stores.

By choosing the washers and dryers by Maytag Commercial, Dexter Laundry and American Dryer, you are sure that they meet your own needs, and you derive significant benefits in your business productivity and profitability.

  • 01. Hotels

    01. Hotels

    Commercial washers for hotels by Maytag and Dexter clean clothes and clothing in less time, increasing the hotel’s productivity.

  • 02. Rooms to let

    02. Rooms to let

    To wash clothing efficiently and quickly, discover the commercial washers and dryers for rooms to let by Maytag.

  • 03. Camping

    03. Camping

    Commercial washers with coin receiver for camping by Maytag offer convenience, speed and efficiency in washing your visitors their clothes.

  • 04. Kids camps

    04. Kids camps

    Commercial washers with coin receiver for kids camps by Maytag, offer speed and easiness in washing clothes even by the children on their own.

  • 05. Hair salons & Spa

    05. Hair salons & Spa

    With commercial washers for hair salons-spa, you have speed and perfect results in washing aprons, towels, bathrobes.

  • 06. Hospitals – Private clinics – Rest homes

    06. Hospitals – Private clinics – Rest homes

    For the tough clothing stains, trust the commercial washers and dryers by Maytag and Dexter, specially designed for the needs of the healthcare sector.

  • 07. Shipping

    07. Shipping

    For speed and incomparable resistance to the daily washing of all kinds of clothing in the shipping industry, trust the commercial washers by Maytag and Dexter.

  • 08. Campus – Security force

    08. Campus – Security force

    With commercial washers & dryers with coin receiver students and security forces wash and dry clothes, uniforms, clothing in less time.

  • 09. Laundry services

    09. Laundry services

    Commercial washers for laundry services by Maytag are the reliable equipment for fast washing of clothing and frequent use of the machine.

  • 10. Self Service Laundry

    10. Self Service Laundry

    With commercial washers with coin for the public by Maytag Commercial and Dexter Laundry, you get competitive advantage for your business. In a self-service laundry store with automatic washers with coin for the public you are sure to offer your […]

  • 11. Industry

    11. Industry

    For washing clothes, uniforms, clothing, the commercial washers and dryers stand out because they clean all types of clothing, regardless of their size.

  • 12. Restaurants – Catering

    12. Restaurants – Catering

    In order to wash clothes, towels and all kinds of clothing, commercial washers clean efficiently and fast, reducing operating costs.