The wide range of models available in MAYTAG COMMERCIAL cover the cleaning needs of all types of businesses’ clothing, regardless of their size, whether in the private or public sector, such as hotels, rooms to let, camping, gyms, spa, hair salons, or even hospitals, retirement homes, private hospitals, military units and security forces (camps) , dorms etc.

Maytag Commercial washers and dryers can clean large amounts of any type of clothing in less time, and in combination with the Energy Advantage ™ technology feature are much more efficient and can help to further reduce your operating costs.

Following faithfully the tradition, all MAYTAG® models, from the smallest and simple washers and dryers to the large high speed wet clean washers, are designed to have reliable performance even after many years of continuous operation. Reaping significant benefits in productivity and profitability of the business, your competitive advantage will soon become very apparent.

MAYTAG COMMERCIAL® washers and dryers are designed, manufactured and assembled in the US.

ACTIVE COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS LTD is the official representative of MAYTAG COMMERCIAL® in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Skopje, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro.