With commercial washers with coin for the public by Maytag Commercial and Dexter Laundry, you get competitive advantage for your business.

In a self-service laundry store with automatic washers with coin for the public you are sure to offer your customer:

Speed as he can wash in 25-35 minutes depending on the wash cycle and the type of fabric. Easy washing, with instructions on each machine. Efficiency in washing clothes.

Advantages of washers with coin for the public:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick wash, as they have hot and cold water supply
  • Reduce operating costs
  • There is technical support 365 days a year
  • They have a guarantee

With automatic dryers with coin for the public by Maytag Commercial and Dexter Laundry, which are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA you get significant benefits in productivity and profitability of your business. Commercial dryers with coin for the public have high airflow for even faster drying and low power consumption.

We recommend the following washers with coin for the public and dryers with coin for the public:

The commercial washer with coin receiver by Maytag, MHN33PD, high speed, 10 kg, provides more accurate cycle times and better unbalanced performance. It uses an average of 40.54 liters of water per cycle, which helps reduce energy and water costs. Delivers powerful profits for owners and provides flexibility to customers. Controls offer owners the ability to customize vend prices and washer cycle options, such as Super Cycle, ensuring optional revenue. These processors also give customers the choice to choose the ideal cycle for individual wash needs.

The automatic washer with coin receiver by Dexter Laundry, T600, 18.1 kg, medium speed, has 6 preprogrammed cycles, access to key-lock programming for quick access and troubleshooting as well as easy to use control. It has 10 years warranty for frame, tub, cylinder, shaft, seals, bearings and bearing housing and 3 years warranty on all other spare parts.

The stack dryer with coin receiver, MLG35PD, 16kg, dries quickly with AXIAL airflow system. It has a very large door opening, digital remaining time display for each cycle, and microprocessor self-diagnosis. It has Single Payment System for both dryers.

The stack washer-dryerMLE22PD is designed to provide efficiency and durability to daily use – in the place of just one washer. Designed and tested to deliver 15,000 cycles at high speeds – the washer’s DuraCore drive system provides an excellent wash experience and helps reduce drying time. He has 5 years warranty in all spare parts.