Legendary Maytag DependabilitySA01MLE-MLG21PN

Maximizing your equipment investment for over a half century.

A Complete Line of Energy – Efficient Solutions

Maytag brand offers a complete line of high-efficiency commercial laundry appliances—from energy-efficient dryers to highly efficient ENERGY STAR®- qualified washers—to help you save money and build profits.

The MLE-MLG22PN stack washer-dryer is designed to provide efficiency and durability to operate daily – in the space of just one commercial washer. Designed and tested to deliver 15,000 cycles at high speed – the DuraCore drive system provides an excellent wash experience and helps reduce drying time.

Intelligent controls with M-Series technology allow owners to easily schedule individual washing cycles.

TurboVent® Technology optimizes drying performance, the super-capacity dryer helps laundry facilities cut utility costs and run with efficiency.

Operating Features:

  • M-SERIES technology
  • Advanced speed technology for precise wash cycle times
  • TurboVent ™ technology for better performance and machine life
  • DuraCore drive for more cycles and turns


5-Year Warranty—All Parts Covered

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