ACTIVE COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS L.T.D., is a powerful and constantly growing company.

It represents the American companies Maytag Commercial Laundry and Dexter Laundry. Maytag is the company that created its first washer in 1907 and continues until today after 100 and more years to remain a pioneer. Dexter was found in 1894 and today 100% of it belongs to its employees.

The professional washers and dryers of the companies Maytag Commercial and Dexter Laundry are being designed and manufactured in the USA.

The company has a big variety of models covering the cleaning needs of the clothing businesses, independently from their size.

Hotels, rooms to let, camping, gyms, hair salons, hospitals, nursing care units, army camps, student camps, and different international aid agencies are only one part of our customers who are over 350.

Having the experience and the trustworthy machines of Maytag Commercial and Dexter Laundry our experienced coworkers will help you design together a new laundry room or renovate your old one, as well as the programming and positioning of the equipment in your place.

It is extremely important for us to always have full stock of spare parts for our machinesso we can always provide with direct and trustworthy technical support.

In the last 5 years ACTIVE COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS has undertaken the development of a specific model of stores which is a franchise with American equipment of professional washers and dryers.

  • easywash Self Service Laundry washer and dryer equipped stores for everyone (coin laundry, laundromat, launderette).

Having built more than 35 stores you can definitely trust ACTIVE COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS to design the appropriate store for your needs (a business with no franchise fees and royalties, but excellent return on your investment).