American equipment means reliable equipment. 

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With an easywash Self Service Laundry (laundromat), equipped with Maytag Commercial, Dexter Laundry and ADC equipment you’re more likely to achieve success and a greater return on your investment.

Instant credibility in the marketplace.

The signage of Maytag Commercial, Dexter Laundry and ADC on your store provides an immediate comfort level among consumers because of their reputation.

At easywash self service laundry there are no franchise fees.

You get the instant name recognition of a franchise, without the franchise fees.

Consumers have rated Maytag Commercial, Dexter Laundry & ADC washers and dryers number one.

It is no secret that American laundry products are the most preferred and most recognized in the marketplace.

Innovative store design.

easywash self service laundry facilitates more capacity in less space for a higher return on your investment.

Lower utility costs.

Maytag Commercial and ADC offer a complete lineup of high efficiency products that help reduce your utility and operating costs. We call it Energy Advantage™. High-efficiency washers can lower water and energy costs up to 50%. Machines are available with coin-drop and coin slide payment formats.

Dexter Laundry offers a full range of coin washers and dryers with great water and energy savings, as well as maximum durability.

All backed by up to 10 year limited coverage on parts based on the model — the industry’s best.

Equipment that is built to last a lifetime.

Others can say they make a quality product for the commercial laundry market, but only Maytag Commercial, Dexter Laundry and ADC can claim to make a washer that lasts longer. easywash Self Service Laundry customers can see the strength of the machines in a difficult and harsh environment.

The steel cabinets are protected by the same painting process found on many luxury automobiles, while premium porcelain enamel tops resist scratches and stains.

The simplicity of the manufacturer for the equipment of easywash.

Maytag Commercial, Dexter Laundry and ADC have the widest selection of product types. From the traditional top-load washers to the space saving stack washers and dryer pairs or dryer – dryer, to the giant capacity front-load washers and dryers.

The experience in setting up an easywash laundromat.

Our experience in setting up an easywash Self Service Laundry, is a very important factor. Our professional staff will provide solutions and help throughout the process.