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Laundromats have been around for many, many years so the business history is well established and the market fairly predictable.

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One of the most surprising aspects of the coin laundry business is the market itself. It consists of a lot more people than just those who lack their own laundry facilities (students, soldiers, economic migrants, etc.).

In fact, a recent survey of coin laundry store users shows that only 52.3% fall into that category.

Typical customers can include:

  • Travelers
  • Businesses that require clean linens, such as salon/spas and restaurants, but have no on-site laundry equipment.
  • People whose home laundry equipment is temporarily not in working order.
  • Families that can wash multiple loads simultaneously.

Families that can wash multiple loads simultaneously.

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Another 45.9% actually have a washer and dryer available where they live, but prefer to use self service laundries.

Some of the reasons include:

  • The ability to do laundry faster because of the multiple machines and large capacity equipment.
  • easywash Self Service Laundry stores offer the latest in Maytag Commercial, Dexter Laundry and ADC high-tech equipment.
  • Home laundry is incapable of handling bulky items such as blankets, quilts or duvets.