Location is an important factor that will directly impact your business.

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Your business can be well equipped, well-built and well managed, but if the location isn’t right, the business may not reach its full income potential.

There are basic guidelines when selecting a site, such as:

  • Locate other nearby businesses.
  • Provide adequate parking.
  • Be aware of your local competition.
  • Know the demographics of the surrounding area (population, income level, etc.)

Exterior sign is the #1 factor in attracting customers.

We offer the best package in the sign selection of your store.


The easywash Self Service Laundry sign combined with the Maytag equipped laundry sign as well as the Dexter Laundry and ADC automatically give international recognition

You must be sure that your exterior sign is visible from all directions. It is your number 1 traffic builder.

In fact, 48% of laundromat users have found the store by seeing the sign out front.